Here you will find application forms and our Constitution.



Association Bursary

Bursaries are available to students who belong to our Association Churches, attending or accepted to attend Crandall University, Acadia Divinity College, L’institute Biblique Bethel, or Centre d’Etudes Theologiques Evangeliques. Applications are due March 1st.


Association License / Lay License to Minister

  • Applications are due no later than March 1st each year.

  • Applicants must have had a Church License to Minister for at least one year prior to applying, OR a current Association License from our Association or another CBAC Association.

  • Association Licenses must be renewed annually (same application form).


Association Grant

We have a small amount of funding available to provide grants for churches in our Association. Please submit a proposal to the Association Moderator no later than March 1st each year to be considered for a grant. Include all relevant information such as the financial need, and the intended purpose for the funds.


Association Constitution